Financial Consultation

PrimeCare Financial Planning provides a one off comprehensive consultation where we answer all your financial aged care questions and provide a range of scenarios so that you understand your loved ones financial future in simple and realistic terms at a fully disclosed flat fee. 

We respect our client's intelligence and don't trick you with the so-called "first 15 minutes free" hook!

We at PrimeCare provide you with genuine independent expert aged care advice as we have done since 2007.

  1. We explain all the Aged Care expenses.
  2. Review your income so that you know if there is a surplus or deficit in income going forward.
  3. We then review options to minimise fees, such as the means tested care fee.
  4. Look where we can enhance Centrelink/DVA or other social welfare benefits.
  5. Fill out the Centrelink income & assets form.
  6. Discuss available asset offsets.  
  7. Give you an easy to understand financial table tailored for your particular case.
  8. Provide you with a road map on all the necessary steps and support you need.
  9. Assist you with free phone support if you require our help.

All this for a low $750, limited offer!

Call PrimeCare today to remove the financial stress of Aged Care. Ph: 1300 853 875