Face to Face COVID safe consultations, we also offer video and phone conferencing from all our offices.
We are still operating all our services and they are available Australia Wide!

Look out for the MPIR (maximum permissible interest rate) for aged care now 4.01% great if you pay a DAP daily accommodation payment on your RAD, but very bad if you want to pay a partially supported RAC lump sum your total amount heads to the sky! Low means doesn't always mean low fee! Why?
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Beware of the so called "Free" Service!

Many financial planners offer a free 15 minutes and then hit you with an expensive financial report costing thousands, buyer beware!!

PrimeCare have a fixed low consultation price!

Question: Some placement agencies offer a "Free" placement, but who is paying them?

Answer: An aged care facility, that's who!

So how can the placement agency be independent and not have a conflict of interest?

Some aged care facilities discourage clients from seeing an aged care specialist like us. They say, "we can work out a quote for you".

But is this in your best interest? How can they not have a conflict of interest?

Many of these so-called quotes can be inaccurate by thousands of dollars!

 So please call us for independent accurate guidance on 1300 853 875 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Australia master financial planning guideErika Wilke, Founder and Co-Director of PrimeCare Financial Planning has written the Aged Care Retirement Living Chapter in the Wolters Kluwer Australian Master Financial Planning Guide for over eight years.

Erika greatly enjoys the opportunity to share her hard earned knowledge of understanding the Aged Care Financials with talks to community groups.