Erika Wilke

Founder and co-director. CFP®, BA, Grad Dip Sociology, Diploma FP. She commenced PrimeCare Financial Planning in 2007 in response to a growing community need to provide personal financial advice to people working through the financial maze for Aged Care.

Erika is a co-author for the Australian Master Financial Planning Guide (Wolters Kluwer) on Aged Care and Retirement Living from 2010 to present. This is a prestigious manual used by accountants, lawyers, finance students, Government Departments, financial planners and universities. She is the forerunner on training the industry on the complexities of aged care.

Erika is also on the Board for a not for profit language specific aged care facility. Being on the Board of an aged care facility, allows Erika to provide her expertise to management and concurrently she broadens her experience and knowledge on the operations of an aged care facility. On this basis she has a greater knowledge base to assist her clients with the understanding of aged care.

Erika was also on the Board of Peninsula Health (a large public hospital network on the Mornington Peninsula) for 6 years. Again, the experience she acquired whilst on this Hospital Board, allowed Erika to gain further knowledge and information about how and why patients are transitioned into aged care from a hospital perspective.

With her current and past experiences across a range of significant aged care influences, Erika, is an industry leader and is therefore able to provide her clients with the best aged care advice and information possible within Australia.