Our goal is to provide the best solution for everyone involved.  It is a difficult time when transitioning from Self Care to Aged Care.  At PrimeCare Financial Planning, as the experts in aged care finance, we pride ourselves on removing the financial stress out of this transisition by taking advantage of the benefits and concessions you are entitled to and preventing you from paying more than you need to.

PrimeCare Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. are completely independent.  We don't pay commissions to any financial institution and we definitely don't sell advertisement space on our website.  We remain totally independent for you.

PrimeCare Financial Planning was established to provide affordable professional financial planning advice for individuals moving into aged care facilities.

We offer a range of aged care specialist services to you including; aged care financial consultations, specialist placement, Centrelink or DVA lodgement & assistance. 

PrimeCare Financial Planning provides a one off comprehensive consultation where we answer all your financial aged care questions and provide a range of scenarios so that you understand your loved ones financial future in simple and realistic terms.