Aged care on a medical care basis will still have low to high care needs stipulated for residents. However, financially there is now no distinction between low or high care level. Accommodation costs and fees remain the same for both low and high care needs as residents age in place.

Supported Accommodation:

• Accommodation Supplement also known as Daily Accommodation Contribution – if assessable assets are over a minimum threshold.
• Basic Daily Care fee
• Means Tested Care fee generally not applicable for fully supported residents
• Refundable accommodation contribution (RAC)

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Be aware of "aged care fee calculators" offered on websites or operated by unqualified &/or unathorised personnel, as they can be wrong by thousands of dollars and give you a very misleading answer!

These calculations often won't consider all you individual circumstances! They can misguide you by thousands of dollars and you may end up paying more in means tested care fees and/or possibly miss out on Centrelink or DVA benefits, so BEWARE!

Many fees, income and assets are very often not accurately reflected or entered in "aged care calculators", so please don't get caught out.


  • • RAD (formerly Bond) amounts can be negotiable!
  • • Some daily care fees are negotiable too!
  • • Concessional fees are available if your assets are under a certain threshold!
  • • You can minimise the means tested care fee!
  • • You may qualify for tax offsets?
  • • If you run out of money to fund your daily fees there are ways to fund the shortfall!
  • • You can avoid a decrease in Centrelink/DVA benefits with the right professional advice!
  • • Want to avoid a decrease in Centrelink or DVA age pension and reduce your means tested care fee. There are some terrific options available that allow you to obtain these concessions.

To minimise your means tested care fee and maximise social security benefits, please call us today.


  • • Aged care fees and costs along with the income and assets are often not accurately reflected when “aged care calculator’s and programs are in the wrong hands, so BEWARE.
  • • Be careful with the timing on completing the income and assets assessment form. Sometimes, it is best to complete this form as a ‘current’ admission, as it could save you thousands of dollars in means tested care fees.
  • • In the last two years, residents entering aged care may have their rental income assessed from the family home under the means tested care fee.
  • • And may have the rental income count for Centrelink’s income test threshold. After two years the home could count as an asset.

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