Centrelink Forms Reduced Red Tape

Save time and money ensuring the mountains of Aged Care forms are completed correctly.


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The 'Permanent Residential Aged Care Request for Cost of Care' form from Centrelink does not just have a long name – it has up to over 25 pages, consisting of over 70 questions!! PrimeCare Financial has completed this form on behalf of our clients hundreds of times and is included in our consultation charge.

It is essential that you complete this form correctly to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to.  See “Tips and Traps” to understand the pitfalls with this form and how a simple error can cost you thousands of dollars. Errors can of course be reversed and monies refunded, however this can take months waiting.

Your time is better spent doing other things, let us complete it for you and get you the maximum benefit you are entitled to.


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